Meghan will be lucky to get a Christmas card from King Charles – let alone a private audience

The hide on Meghan Markle is remarkable.

After years of trashing the family into which she married, she wants a private audience with King Charles III to smooth things over.

She’d be lucky to get a Christmas card from him given the way she and her wastrel husband aired their dirty laundry with Oprah, making an unnamed member of the Royal Family out to be racist for supposedly asking how their child would look.

Prince Harry, of course, publicly ruled out that the Queen or Prince Philip had said it, which led to rampant speculation that it must have been Charles.

Worldwide television interviews are obviously the best way to resolve family disputes.

But it’s hard to see that Markle has ever wanted to resolve her differences with the family she joined – and then abandoned – out of her own volition.

To ask for a private meeting with the grieving, newly anointed king after all she has done is an insult.

Given the narcissism and insecurity she has turned into fame and profit, how could you take her request at face value?

It’s hard to think of anyone who could better embody the idea of a “princess” – self-centred, entitled, demanding and destructive.

Even the most hardened Markle defenders are waking up to the fact she’s a toxic windbag.

The fact she was swanning around the UK the week before the Queen died, lecturing on inequality and poverty and saying how lovely it is to be back after she so publicly dumped on the country’s most loved institution, demonstrated the sheer contempt she has for her husband’s heritage.

But now she wants to make peace with the King? Please.

It’s not hard to work out what you’re getting yourself into when you marry a Windsor – and one of the most high profile family members at that.

It’s a life of service to the public. You have to be a statesman (or woman), a handshaker, a role model and a beacon of hope.

It’s a role Queen Elizabeth II filled so well all her life. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have similarly served with complete class.

At this point, it’s hard to believe that Markle ever had the inclination – let alone the ability – to fulfil that duty.

She has no time to concern herself with the people of the Commonwealth. The only thing she’s worried about is herself – and making sure we all know about it.

She managed to say “me” 54 times in a seven-minute speech in Manchester this month. Narcissus himself could take lessons from this woman.

Then she was caught lying about meeting a cast member of the Lion King who supposedly told her that her marriage to Prince Harry was celebrated “in the streets the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison”.

Of all the things to make up. But it goes to exactly how self-absorbed Markle is. She has fabricated, in her own head, a circumstance in which she can be compared to a man as great as Nelson Mandela.

The same sort of self-absorption that would make her think she deserved to sit down with the King after setting the hounds upon him.

It is increasingly obvious that she would never be a royal. Try as she might to blame that on the royal family, it isn’t their fault that she could never commit herself to a life of public service.

Markle used one of the most beloved and important institutions in the western world to propel her own fame. But the fame of royalty isn’t about feathering your own nest – it’s about using your profile to improve the lives of others.

She wouldn’t know the first thing about that. And the King would do well to cast her out to sea.

Source: Sky News

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