Mom picks up the wrong child from daycare, cops called

The daycare pick-up can be kinda hectic, even for a parent. I mean, your kid rushes to greet you when you get there, but in the excitement of it all you have to remember to grab their water bottle, sweatshirt, make sure their sheets are all packed away for the week, and then you need to sign them out.

One mom asked her friend to step in and do the daycare pickup, but it all went horribly wrong when she was given the wrong kid.

“Goes to pick up an acquaintance’s kid from daycare to help babysit until she can get off work,” Brianna says in the TikTok that has since had more than 625,000 views.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk asked her friend to step in and do the daycare pickup.
TikTok/Brianna Dunkin-Funk

“Spoiler alert!” she warned in the caption. “That time I very much by accident kidnapped a kid and thought I was going to prison.”

Brianna went on to say that she turned up to the daycare center to collect her friend’s child, who she had clearly never met before. She gave them her name and the child’s name and they returned with the child. They confirmed the child’s name a second time and handed him over.

“Drives 20 minutes to their house,” she continues, “starts prepping a snack for kid, older sibling comes out of their room.

“Older kid says, ‘That’s not my sibling…’.

“Checks phone to find text from mom that says, “YOU PICKED UP THE WRONG KID.”


Brianna says she returned the wrong child to the center and everyone was angry. She was questioned by police, people got fired and she now has to provide testimony to child protective services.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk recalled the chaos involved with picking up kids from daycare.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk said that the cops were called while she was picking up her kid from daycare.

At the end of her story, Brianna Dunkin-Funk recalled that she picked up the wrong kid at the daycare.

People had lots of questions about how this could possibly happen.

“That is 100 percent on the daycare!” commented one person. “I have so many questions!”

Another added, “I wanna know why the kid just went along with it and didn’t question it – even going into the wrong house.”

“This is a masterpiece,” chimed in a third.

Brianna later added that when she appeared to collect the child from the wrong room, the kid actually ran up to her and called her “Mom”. Both children also had the same very unique name, so she can see how things went awry. This all happened years ago so she won’t be revealing any specific details.

And for a little laugh, now that we know it all worked out OK in the end, Brianna confirmed she was actually asked to babysit the same kids again, and she later heard that the ‘kidnapped’ child had a parent who is a lawyer.

Source: NY Post

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