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NYC subway attack: Woman bites man on back after making anti-Asian remarks, police say

Authorities in New York City are looking for a woman accused of biting a 65-year-old man who was trying to protect his family on a subway train amid a barrage of anti-Asian remarks, police said.

The woman was riding Saturday evening on the “A” train in Brooklyn when she was seated across from a family. She began cursing and saying anti-Asian statements, the New York Police Department told Fox News. 

As the victims got up to leave, she stood in front of the daughter, the NYPD said. The girl’s father tried to protect her and he was bitten on the back by the suspect, police said.  

The woman fled and the victim sustained minor injuries. Authorities are offering a $3,500 reward in connection with the case. 


The incident is the latest violent encounter in the city’s transit system. 

Crime in the city’s subway has skyrocketed in the first few months of 2022. Crime underground is up 58% compared to last year as viral videos of unprovoked attacks continue to make the rounds on social media, leaving straphangers worried. 

Most recently, a 42-year-old Asian man was filmed being held by one suspect and repeatedly assaulted by another at the Fulton Street station. The person who filmed the assault told the New York Post the assailants told him the man attempted to sexually assault a woman prior to the attack on him. 

In May, Daniel Enriquez, 48, was shot and killed on a Manhattan-bound subway train in a separate incident. In April, a man donned a gas mask and detonated a smoke grenade inside a Manhattan-bound N-train in Brooklyn, sparking panic and chaos. 

In total, 29 people were injured, including 10 people who were shot. 

Source: Fox News

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