“Waste Of Money,” Says The Internet After Watching This Bizarre Ice Dish From Nagpur

The internet is full of possibilities. But in this wide variety of content, we strive to find all things food-related. Whether it is any trending recipe, kitchen hacks, amazing recipes, celeb foodie updates, and even some weird food stories, we have it all! Talking about bizarre foods, many new things keep coming up on our feeds – be it a food combination or an experiment. These things often catch our attention and might confuse us with the creation. Recently, one such weird combination is doing the rounds on the internet. This time, a food blogger from Nagpur showed us an ‘ice dish’ that has left many people bewildered. If you think what bizarre could happen with an iced dish, allow us to introduce you to it.

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In a recent video uploaded on Instagram by food blogger Abhinav Jeswani, he shows us the making of this recipe. In the video, the vendors are seen crushing some ice and making a mountain of it. Then they start pouring condensed milk and different kinds of sugary syrups and top them with different flavours of ice cream. We could spot vanilla, chocolate, kesar, and what seems to be mango ice cream. Lastly, they finish it with nuts, choco chips, more syrup, and melted chocolate. As per Abhinav Jeswani, this costs INR 3000 and can be found in Takdir Ice World, Nagpur. Check out the entire making of it here:

Looks like a lot to digest, right? Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 130K times, has more than four thousand likes and several comments. Many users were unhappy with this experiment. One person said, “Isse kha sakte he kya par? (Can we eat this?).” Another person said, “Isko khane ka kaise? Pata chala ice water ban gya (How to eat this? The ice will turn into water).” Someone also said, “Welcome, diabetes.”

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Many users have also called this dish a waste of money. They said, “3000 for what,” and “Isn’t that a waste of money and food? I mean koi 3k deke usko khatam bhi karega? (Isn’t that a waste of money and food? I mean, will anyone even finish this after paying 3K?)

While many were not a fan of this dish, what do you think about it? Would you pay so much for having this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NDTV

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