Willo Perron’s Debut Furniture Line Is All About Comfort—And a Sense of Humor

This week, at the Downtown New York gallery space Matter Projects, Perron presented his initial offering of seven furniture pieces to the public for the first time, setting them against backdrops evoking the topography and muted colors of the Hollywood Hills and the deserts that fringe the city of Los Angeles. “I didn’t want it to be just in a white gallery, I thought that would be a bit too flat,” Perron notes.

Flat certainly isn’t the first word you’d use to describe his delightfully wonky, sculptural designs. Arguably the most striking piece in the collection, taking pride of place as visitors enter the gallery, is a bulbous, beanbag-like “sofa,” knotted in on itself like a Möbius strip of stuffed sausages. “It’s not a beanbag, per se, but it’s very reminiscent of something that we had in our living room in my childhood—that kind of ’70s hippie furniture,” Perron says. “There’s a yearning for comfort within the designs; comfort is the absolute thing. The highest achievement for me is to be able to make the most enveloping bed ever, or a sofa that you can really sink into.” It doesn’t get more comfortable than his wittily-titled Pillo sofa, a couch made entirely from, well, pillows.

Source: Vogue

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